Our New Woodturner

Recently our wonderful woodturner Bob Haas, who was with us for 20 years, retired. After a search and interview with shops around California we found Philip Nereo. His shop is nestled in Sonoma County. I recently made a visit to see his shop an hour out of Berkeley and 5 miles from the nearest town. […]

Dark Sky Compatible

Dark sky compatible you ask? Animal friendly?? When we joined the International Dark Sky Association 10 years ago it was an impossible vision, we were looked on as radical wackos. But if you have ever slept under the stars, where the stars appear like so much glitter cast from horizon to horizon across the sky, […]

Making lamps by hand in the blacksmith shop

Not everyone knows that Coe Lamps just don’t get mass produced in China and go on a  shelf ready to ship. Yes, some parts get made by subcontractors, like foundries. And the wire and some sockets are made by others to my specifications. A day in the shop may involve cutting bronze from a big […]

Downward Bound

or How I Built a Gravity Car for Mt. Tamalpais by Jerry Coe This article was written for the California Blacksmiths Association Newsletter. Gravity car leaving the Mt. Tamalpais Tavern in 1916. Mt. Tamalpais State Park’s East Summit rises some 3,000 feet above the Golden Gate Bridge and the north shore of San Francisco Bay. […]

News Archive

September 2010 Coe Studios was chosen for an editorial in Arts and Crafts magazine. Our latest chandelier, featured below, appears in the Art + Craft section of the latest edition. Click on the image for a preview. Click here for a closer view of the chandelier. March 2010 The Coe Studios Metalsmithing shop has been […]